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Stories from the Porch

Our charms tell your stories.
These are full of love, hope, resilience, inspiration and we want to share with you the reasons why we do what do and we love our community. We are blessed that you play a role in our epic story, and that we play a role in yours. Thank you for sharing your stories and embarking on this journey with us.

Want to share your story?

We love hearing from the community. If you want to share your story with us, or even the story behind your favorite charm, reach out to us by email

Rossmery Oakes

Rossmery is the designer behind Rosie-O Designs. In 2018, Rossmery decided to leave the “regular work world” in pursuit of something bigger. She launched what would become Lilium Design Solutions, LLC. Since then, she has worked with 20+ companies across the country providing web and graphic solutions.

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Kim Rose

Meet Kim Rose, owner of Kimberly’s Kitchen and Catering. Read her story and enjoy this yummy butternut squash and spinach-based lasagna recipe. The crispy prosciutto and herbs do not disappoint. It is simply decadent.

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Army Colonel Joanna Reagan (Ret)

Thank you, Joanna, for your service to our great country. Thank you for keeping our soldiers healthy and well fed. Thank you for your continued service through the DOD. Happy Veterans Day to you and to all who have served.

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Christian Roach

In our conversation with Christian, we asked her a few questions about her life as an Airman. Read what she has to say about her experiences as an active duty servicemember with the United States Air Force.

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Tasty Tuesday

One thing you might not know about the Owners and Staff of Nomadés, we spend as much time talking about food as we do charm designs. If you want to blame someone, it’s Marijke, she was the original “foodie” of the group and converted the rest of us. We are all about some good chow!

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Lindsay Lawellin

“Blessings are everywhere when you know how to look for them. It is an honor for me to be able to follow my husband and experience all the wonderful things the military life offers us.”

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