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Custom Sign 8"x19.5" (Template 3)


Custom Sign 8"x19.5" (Template 3)

Custom Sign 8"x19.5" (Template 3) - Let one of our customizable hardboard signs tell the details of your unique journey. This 8” x 19.5” sign has 7 text blocks that can be customized. Click on “Add to Cart” and follow the prompts to customize your sign.

If extra editing is needed please purchase our Custom Graphic Design Product.

** Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of custom designed items. *Custom design is a service of Nomades. All designs and templates are creative property of Nomades and may be recreated for future use. Purchasing this product serves as customer's acknowledgement and accetance of this policy.

If ordering this item on a charming event, please select 'alternative address' when selecting shipping address, and send directly to purchaser. This item may not be shipped to host of charming event.

Please Note: The Pantone Matching System is a standardized color system used world wide within the graphic arts industry. Although a specific PMS color may be selected to use with your custom sign, colors on the final product may vary slightly due to the variations in individual computer monitors.

[ NTS0001c ]

$ 25.00


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