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Road Less Traveled


Road Less Traveled

Road Less Traveled – Our Road Less Traveled charm was conceived to represent the many places military families settle that are "less traveled" or to represent installations that have been closed. This .925 sterling silver compass is accented with a red crystal and metallic gold enamel.

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Zoe from Tucson, AZ

For thoses very different duty locations
The Navy sent my husband and I to The Universtiy of Arizona ROTC unit. No where near the ocean! If this is not the Road Less Traveled is, I don't know what is!! I was happy to get this charm and specialize it by engraving it to remember our very unique duty station. And if we ever go to another different spot, there are always place tags!!! Thanks Nomades for making something to remember our unique location!!!

Posted On Friday, April 20, 2012