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Karen Poisson

Meet Karen Poisson!

She is an Air Force Spouse and Air Force Mom!

Karen met her husband in college when he came to Boston University to visit his brother during his winter break from the Air Force Academy. After doing a long-distance relationship for two years, Karen transferred schools to move out to Colorado. They got married after graduation and recently have celebrated their 27th anniversary. They have two daughters, the oldest being 25 and living in Seattle and her youngest is 22 who is a EWO (Electronics Warfare Officer). They did not expect to have a daughter in the Air Force!

During their life in the Air Force, she has gained so much wisdom and created so many memories that she is excited to share!

“I think that my most memorable moment was getting my first article published.” Karen did not want to return to teaching and instead wrote an article about advice given to her by her spouse when they decided to get married! Soon after, it was picked up by one of the online military spouse magazine and she has been writing for military spouses ever since!

We asked Karen to share some advice for new military spouses and tips for weathering deployments from her personal experience.

“I realized early on in our deployments that I couldn’t do everything and I certainly couldn’t do it alone! I tried really hard to be the independent woman I was but I realized that it was ok to ask for help. Trust me, I didn’t always take my own advice but I learned that it wasn’t a failure to ask someone to help you. When I was pregnant with my second child, I had a flat tire on the way to my doctor’s appointment. I had never even called the squadron before but I called information and got the number. I told them my predicament and they sent four young Airmen to help me out. I have never been more grateful in my life. Especially since I while I was waiting, two separate police cars drove by and neither one of them stopped. I truly learned that the military takes care of their own.”

Her advice to a 1st year MilSpouse is simple, “Learn to roll with the punches and find military spouse friends. I know this is easier said than done, especially since I didn’t heed my own advice for quite a while but you need to be flexible since the military throws you curve balls at every chance it gets.”

Finally, we asked Karen about her Nomadés favorite charm! “I would say that my first COW charm is my favorite; the one that has some color to it. The reason why is that I had been begging my spouse for a Nomadés bracelet for years before this. He kept putting me off by saying that he’d get it for me when we retired. When we were leaving Belgium to move back to the U.S., a mentor or mine gave it to me. She hoped that maybe it would encourage my husband to get off his butt and purchase the bracelet for me but it was also because we were moving back to the states for my husband’s new job as an Ops Group commander. That one charm started my collection so it will always be a favorite.”  

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